Pre-Sales Engineer

This role supports the Sales Team by providing technical business-consulting advice to both internal and external customers. Responsible for providing Pre-sales technical consulting on Enterprise technologies and service capabilities primarily on CISCO and HP Network Routers, Switches, Security Devices, IP-based Voice and Video Technologies, Network Management Tools and APC Data Center Solutions.

Primarily responsible for understanding and identifying (even near-future unforeseen requirements of) the customer’s technical, business and financial requirements and translating these to technical requirements in order to recommend and position the Server, Storage and Management tools to address these.  Thus, the Pre-Sales role not only answers but also creates the Technical requirements of the Customer.



Monitors and ensures Phil-Data meets the required Certifications by being Certified on ALL current Pre-Sales Certifications (Technical Certification may be required in the absence of a Pre-Sales Certification), fully aware of the business impact of the achievement/non-achievement of these certifications (requires coordination with Sales Manager and Infrastructure Support Group Manager).

Pre-Sales is technically equipped and has mastery on the products and the ability to identify and create opportunities in the Customer (may include the use of demo equipment).

Updated on Revenue achievement and current Sales Pipeline (opportunities) to ensure PD meets the Revenue Target (Quarterly & Annually).  Visibility on Sales Funnel (in coordination with Salespeople and Sales Manager) and its impact on the Revenue Target.

Involvement in “Large Enterprise” and “Strategic” deals ensuring these have been properly configured and have likewise been checked and approved the Technical Personnel counterparts from Brand.

Assist Sales Manager/Product Manager in the creation and regular updating of the Product List on Phil-Data’s CRM.

Regularly update Sales team on Product Roadmap including products approaching End-of-Life and End-of-Support in a timely and efficient manner.  In terms of documents being current (Product Bulletins) and actual presentations, as may be required.

Identifying areas of improvement in the overall business process of the Brand and raising these with the Brand (i.e. Partner website issues, updated list on Piper Configurator, pricing validity from UNISON, SLA of AM’s for ranking, ISR’s, MDM’s) or Phil-Data Management, for concerns internal to Phil-Data (i.e. internet bandwidth increase, upgrade of internal computers, among others).


Pre-Sales will assist Salespeople in configuring and defining final BOM, thereby certifying that the proposal meets the Customer requirements (ensuring Technical integrity).

Conduct joint calls with Salespeople to present, further qualify Customer requirements and do proper Product-positioning.

Involvement in “Large Enterprise” and “Strategic” deals ensuring these have been properly configured and have likewise been checked and approved the Technical Personnel counterparts from Brand.

Assist in creating a *Solutions Proposal” template to be used by Salespeople for large, complex, integrated solutions requiring Virtualization, Active Directory, Messaging, Enterprise Back-Up, Enterprise Security and the corresponding Services.  This would require coordination with Enterprise Support Group (ESG) and Phil-Data’s Solutions Architect.

*Note:  A Solutions Proposal is comprehensive and would include, but not limited to, an Executive Summary, Features and Benefits analysis, Investment Details, Schematic Diagram, Gantt Charts/Timetable, assumptions, exclusions, Customer & Vendor role, and expectations.


Assist Sales Team and ISG in defining and creating a “Customer Acceptance” document which outlines the agreed “Scope of Work” for PD and Customer, forming the basis for Customer Acceptance of the installation or project (regardless of the deal size or Project Amount).

Assist Sales Team in identifying future requirements and recommending Post-Sales activities in the Customer (i.e. developing a timeline for Hardware Upgrades given Customer’s expansion plans & market demands).


  • Maintain a good working relationship with PM, Sales Team and Principal Vendor, among other teams within Phil-Data.
  • Deliver service in line with agreed controls, procedures and SLA (both internal and external).
  • Strive for high-level customer service (both internal and external).


  • As a front-liner, represents the Company in every sales related activity
  • Coordinates with principal/vendor/supplier
  • Coordinates with PM and Sales Team.

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