Product Manager

Product Manager is responsible for driving the overall business of the Brand in Phil-Data.

Thus, while the primary objective of the job is to achieve the sales and product revenue targets, the PM role calls for overseeing the overall business process which include, but is not limited to, sales, product positioning, creation and execution of marketing programs and plans, stocks and inventory monitoring, ensuring technical competency to support customers and enablement of the Sales Team – all geared toward achievement of Sales Targets.

The PM works with various teams within Phil-Data to achieve these goals – Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Admin, Infra Support and Management.  The PM operates not thru Authority, but Influence.

The PM acts as the internal “Champion” of the Brand in Phil-Data.  Conversely, the PM acts as the “Voice” of Phil-Data to the Brand.  Thus, the PM “owns” the relationship with the Brand.



Proficient on Phil-Data’s Partnership Agreement (scope, expectations, commercial terms and conditions, limitations, Rebates to Phil-Data, Rules of Engagement, among others)with the Brand.

Proficiency in Programs and Promotions, including but not limited to:

  1. Rebates to the company
  2. Incentive to Salespeople
  3. Purchase Promos

Monitors and ensures Phil-Data meets the required Certifications across Pre-Sales, Technical and Sales competencies, fully aware of the business impact of the achievement/non-achievement of these certifications (requires coordination with Sales Manager and Infrastructure Support Group Manager).

Ensure Pre-Sales is technically equipped and has mastery on the products and the ability to identify and create opportunities in the Customer(may include demo equipment).

Updated on Revenue achievement and may provide reports of Quarter-to-Date and Year-to-Date Buy-In Revenues vis-à-vis Revenue Target. Also responsible for negotiating the Brand’s assigned Revenue Target with the best interest of Phil-Data in mind.

Have visibility on Sales Funnel(in coordination with Salespeople and Sales Manager) and its impact on the Revenue Target.

Involvement in “Large Enterprise” and “Strategic” deals ensuring these are profitable, yet competitive.

Maintain enough current-model demo units.  Thus, previous demo units must be profitably disposed of.

Have an updated list of stocks/inventory maintained at a minimum level avoiding obsolescence or aging of stocks/inventory.  Thus, a “flush-out” plan must always be on hand.

Create and regularly updateProduct List on Phil-Data’s CRM.

Monitors, analyzes and evaluates product performance and provides customer feedback to the Brand.

Regularly update Sales team on Product Roadmap including products approaching End-of-Life and End-of-Support in a timely and efficient manner.

Identify areas of improvement in the overall business process of the Brand and raising these with the Brand (i.e. Partner website issues, updated list on Piper Configurator, pricing validity from UNISON, SLA of AM’s for ranking, ISR’s, MDM’s)or Phil-Data Management, for concerns internal to Phil-Data (i.e. internet bandwidth increase, upgrade of internal computers, among others).


Creates and executes Marketing Plans and Programs necessary to sustain continued Sales Revenue growth of the product.

Monitors, analyzes and evaluates market trends, customer trends, and competitor activity to identify market opportunities for the product/service, thru regular market and customer engagements.

Owns and works closely with the Marketing Department on the following:

  1. Design sales campaigns
  2. Create Marketing collaterals/ Product Brochures
  3. Customer Presentation Materials
  4. Customer Events

Coordinates with the Brand to ensure the latest and current Marketing Collaterals, Product Brochures, Presentation Materials and access to web-based materials and tools, are in place.

Co-ownership (with Marketing Manager) of Joint Marketing Funds Ledger and other Brand-sponsored Funds/Funding Programs.

Business Development by forging partnerships with key ISVs, Industry Providers, Apps Vendors & Developers, adding value to and further promoting the sales of the assigned product.  This includes current IT Infrastructure solutions such as VMWare, Veeam, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Symantec, Autodesk, among others

Sales Enablement

Closely works with Sales Manager ensuring Salespeople are enabled in terms of product knowledge and product positioning thru regular training or product briefing.

Ensure Salespeople are properly equipped with and have access to selling tools (hardcopy, softcopy or web-based materials, including the latest Product Bulletins, among others).


PM will act as the DELL Partner Portal’s administrator requiring the PM to “accept” the quarterly revenue target set by DELL.  Moreover, the PM has to ensure that Salespeople are proficient in the use of the Portal for accurate and prompt entry of Deal Registrations and Sales Certifications.  This may require PM to arrange for user’s training to be conducted by DELL as required.


To ensure Salespeople are proficient in the use of Brand’s Partner Portal for Deal Registration, Configuration, and Pricing Generator, the PM will act as HP’s internal resource or technical support, for Salespeople.  From time to time, the PM may require HP to conduct user-training as needed.

Assist and guide Salespeople in connecting with Brand key resource personnel to address either commercial or technical concerns(eg. Setting-up Customer meetings with HP-Finance Services for Leasing opportunities, DELL Networking Product Person, among others).



Notwithstanding the fact that Salespeople have been trained and certified on key products, PM should configure and come up with a final BOM, thereby certifying that the proposal meets the Customer requirements (ensuring Technical integrity).  In the case of Enterprise Group (EG) products, these require the assistance of the Technical Pre-Sales due to the complexity of the requirement.

Conduct joint calls with Salespeople to present, further qualify Customer requirements and do proper Product-positioning.

Assist Salespeople in terms of securing Commercial Support from the Brand including but not limited to, securing preferred support in a registered opportunity or existing Customer, pricing, discounts, product/demo equipment availability/delivery, joint Customer visit with DELL/HP, among others.

Providing assistance in securing necessary equipment (Hardware & Software) to enable Technical Pre-Sales to conduct Proof-of-Concept (POC) activities either on Customer premise, Brand’s office premises or within Phil-Data’s offices.

Ensure Large Enterprise and Strategic deals are profitable by direct involvement and visibility with the P&L.

Create a *Solutions Proposal template to be used by Salespeople for large, complex, integrated solutions requiring Virtualization, Active Directory, Messaging, Enterprise Back-Up, Enterprise Security and the corresponding Services.  This would require coordination with Enterprise Support Group (ESG) and Phil-Data’s Solutions Architect.

*Note:  A Solutions Proposal is comprehensive and would include,but not limited to, an Executive Summary, Features and Benefits analysis, Investment Details, Schematic Diagram, Gantt Charts/Timetable, assumptions, exclusions, Customer & Vendor role, and expectations.


Do final recommendation for the Sales Ordering process to Logistics for immediate Order-Logging.

Monitor and ensure Large Enterprise and Strategic orders are properly processed and delivered on time to the customer.

Assist ISG in securing Technical Support from Brand covering assistance in resolving a technical problem, speed-up the processing of parts replacements under warranty, or securing Regional Office, among others.

Assist LOGISTICS in securing Logistical Support from Brand in resolving wrong, missing or damaged equipment upon delivery to Phil-Data.


  • Maintain a good working relationship with Principal Vendor and within the Sales Team, among other teams within Phil-Data.
  • Deliver service in line with agreed controls, procedures and SLA (both internal and external).
  • Strive for high-level customer service (both internal and external).


  • As a front-liner, represents the Company in every brand-related activity.
  • Coaches less experienced team members and help them resolve problems.
  • Coordinates with principal/vendor/supplier on both commercial and technical concerns.
  • Coordinates with logistics, delivery, accounting, and technical support group.

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