Service Delivery Officer (SDO)


The Service Delivery Officer (SDO) is the primary point of contact for both the service delivery staff and customers. The primary objective of the job is to look after the performance of the service delivery team and that the operations run as smooth as possible.  The SDO is responsible for the day-to-day operational performance of the service delivery teams under his accountability.  The work coverage varies from a simple responsibility of ensuring the availability of support staff in client site to the more complex supervision of a support team that might include the service desk, the field support, systems and/or network administration, and even asset management among others.  The goal of the role is to ensure that all performance objectives defined in various metrics are achieved.


  • Ensures that all target metrics are met (SLA Management)
  • If no SLA is established, then develops metrics that are relevant to the client and that will also show the value of Phil-Data’s service delivery capability
  • Delegates tasks to subordinates that may include both technical and back-end IT administration staff and sets clear daily priorities
  • Pursues the optimum utilization of automated tools to drive efficiency and enhance service
  • Monitors the team and individual staff performance in relation to their contribution to service delivery achievement
  • Compiles performance data and generating them into a performance scorecards (reports) both for the team and individual staff and with certain frequency or regularity as required by the business
  • Assisting the team by performing tasks with them when necessary (mostly in Service Desk function)
  • Intervenes in customer and end-user complaints and ensuring that escalated incidents are given utmost attention
  • Analyzes staff skills sets and plans learning programs to develop staff professional knowledge and skills
  • Understands all the details of each processes included in a given service including developing the RACI for each
  • Ensures that on-site support staff conduct themselves in a professional manner and in compliance with client rules and policies especially in the area of information security and confidentiality
  • Conducts regular performance review with the customer as required
  • Analyzes trends  in  service  level  performance  and  provides  recommendations  to  management  and customers on how to raise efficiency in operation or on training as a result of identified end-users skills gap
  • Raises issues to clients or customers on instances or incidents that appears to beyond the scope of work with the intention of clarifying roles and coverage while maintaining courtesy and professionalism
  • Provides specific training and/or orientation to staff on all aspects of specific processes of operation.
  • Manages the team’s organizational development plan
  • Documents and keeps in a secure place all performance reports and other related documents that may include incident reports, correspondence with customers for change requests, SLAs, service contracts and others
  • Ensures that all staff are accounted for on a daily basis and performs on-time approval of leaves of absences, overtimes and updating slips.


  • Maintain good working relationship within the organizati
  • Deliver service in line with agreed controls, procedures and SLA.
  • Strive for high level customer service.

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